Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Daughter is a Commercial Model

My daughter Krystle has been a commercial model when she was 5 years old. She made three commercials already. At her young age, I encouraged her to experience being a model so that she would overcome her shyness. She managed to enjoy the shooting for she had made friends with other children models. She developed self-confidence on her third commercial when she was 6 years old. She enjoyed it a lot because after the shooting she knows that her talent fee can buy her one thing she wishes to buy. We managed to teach her the value of money and how to spend it wisely. She understood why parents work and that we have to save money for future needs. She has a lot of calls from the agencies but I was still studying that time so I really have to turned down all her projects. As of today, I am more concerned with her studies.

Ethan's photo of boredom...

This is one of my favorite photos of Ethan taken at Robinson's Supermarket. Looking at it makes me smile. We are in line to pay for our purchases. I told him to wait until we were able to pay all the goods that we put in our shopping cart. He said "ok" and sat still. As I glanced on him, I saw him on that position which caught my eyes and immediately took him a picture. This shot is simple yet it can drive you crazy to think what was in his mind during that time. =)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ethan loves coloring books!

I had this chance of taking pictures of Ethan while working on one of the pages of an activity book that I bought few days ago. I watched him coloring the entire page from the time he started. He smile to me once in a while and that was sweet. I know he enjoyed being watched. Ethan's hand works so well considering that he is only three years old (soon to be 4 years old in 10 days). I bought him his own set of crayons and he was even more happy to spend his time coloring books. It also gave me time to do other things since he can finish a coloring book in one sitting. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Smart Kids!

My kids are growing smarter every day. We were very happy to see and hear Ethan's first memory verse recently. He went home from school and we are really surprised that he memorized the prayer that his teacher taught them today. He said it proudly in front of us with actions. Easel, his sister was also amazed! She isn't expecting that her little brother can recite a five-sentenced prayer, hehehe. Recently I bought activity books for both of them. It came to my mind the idea of letting them draw, color, read or write at night before going to bed in exchange of playing or watching TV. Ethan was so fast; he finished coloring his first activity book on the 2nd day. Today I gave him his 2nd activity book about numbers. I don't know yet how long it will take him to finish this one but I am sure that doing so will make him more familiar with his lessons because I bought those that were being taught by his teachers at this moment. All I know is that he is very eager to learn so I am grabbing the opportunity to teach and guide him whenever possible. On the other hand, Easel is very independent. She used to make her assignments on her own. She managed to memorize all her memory verses with minimum help from us. She is very active in school programs and activities. At home, she loves to play with Ethan. More often, they are playing together where Ethan plays the role of the teacher. Hehehe!!! Funny, since it should be the other way around. Anyway, it is nice that they enjoy being together

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Only in the Philippines!

This is an “extra ordinary vehicle” you can find in Prinza, a place in Cavite province. It is made up of woods and pipes tied all together. It has four bicycle wheels that made it move across the river where it is being pushed by a man we call “Kuya”, a term which means brother (denoting respect to the older person). Prinza is located in Bayanan, a part of Cavite. From here, that said “vehicle” will cross you to the other side which is called BF Parañaque, which is already a part of Manila specifically Las Piñas which will only take you 2 minutes or less depending on the passengers weight. The heavy the load, the slower it will take “kuya” to push. You might be wondering if this has some sort of payment or charge just like when you are riding buses and jeepney which are common here in the Philippines as mode of transportation. And yes, it will cost you only five pesos which is cheaper. Most of the time, I need to fall in line and wait for my chance. But this would not take long. They also managed to make another one so that they can accommodate more when there are many passengers.
People nearby this place usually take this route going to Manila for so many reasons that benefits them. One common reason is the traffic they usually experience taking the usual route. It will take you almost two hours of travelling time. Another reason is that you are not too much in a hurry since you know that in less than half an hour you can make it there. It is also a good thing that you get less pollution since you are crossing a river and that there is no other vehicle around that produces smoke which is harmful to health. It is also fun and an exciting adventure!
There are also risks or disadvantages. I remember experiencing nervousness on my first time to try it. My heart beats real fast! During that time, I was also thinking what if the water goes up and the vehicle breaks. I said to myself, “how I will survive if I don’t know how to swim”! Another disadvantage is during rainy season. The water goes up and the waves become strong. It is your decision to take the risk or you might consider taking the usual route. The bad thing is, you have no choice. You will be late for sure!
It’s exciting! I bet you’ll enjoy riding with this unique vehicle. You have to try it!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Enjoy Being a Mom..

I am blessed with two wonderful kids. My daughter Krystle just turned 8 years old and my son Naethaniel is 3 yrs and 10 months. I consider myself lucky because I already got a girl and a boy. I have been in school for three years and have little time to be with them. Now I am taking care of them full time and I am enjoying it. Krystle is a very smart kid. She is sweet and caring. She is very active in school. Recently, she was chosen as an A1 child and a representative of Grade 2 students in her school. We are so proud she is growing the way we like her to be, God-fearing, bright and caring. We are happy that she helps taking good care of her brother. At an early age she feels responsible for her brother in her small ways. Naethaniel is now going to school. He is a Nursery student and he is doing well in school. I was surprised with his school performance. The scores in his books showed that he is learning a lot. It is a good thing that before he goes to school I already taught him some of the basics like ABC's, shapes, and colors. He is a fast learner! Each day after school, he was able to remember his lessons. Most of the time I observed that he has a passion in singing or music. He sings a lot, as in the whole day will not be complete if you don't hear him sing. He also loves to dance. In fact, he moves well compared to Krystle who also loves to dance. He is sweet, I love it when she hugs me! There are times that he is naughty. I remember him telling me his tummy is aching. I asked him why and answered me that he needs to drink his milk. I knew that it was his excuse because he knows that I will not give him his milk instead I will give him some foods to eat. I told him, that his tummy isn't really aching that he just said it so that he could have his milk. He laughed! In different ways, kids bring joy to me. There will be no other things that can bring happiness as much as my kids can give. Of course, a loving husband is a big bonus!